Nils Jeppe Hansen & Mads Jeppe Hansen


Studio CPHNY is founded by Nils Jeppe Hansen and son Mads Jeppe Hansen in 2014. Both coming from creative backgrounds, Nils from architecture and Mads from industrial design sharing a common passion for concept and form. 



Nils Jeppe Hansen is co-founder and CEO of DSA ARK studio, a creative architecture firm located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio was established in 1990 and has developed a profile working for both private, commercial and governmental clients. The Studio has expertise in both renovation, transformation and from concept to construction. Nils have always had a natural interest in design and furniture, and have developed a range of tables and seats where the latest is the triangular bench.


MADS JEPPE HANSEN, MID Industrial Design

Mads was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently a founding member of MTWO Design, a New York based Industrial Design Consultancy Firm. Mads enrolled at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Academy of Design where he earned his degree in Product Design. Following graduation, Mads moved to New York where he completed his Master’s in Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in 2013.  Mads’ graduate thesis work was centered around a collection of experimental studies which ultimately yielded a breakthrough method for creating a new class of elastomer based material named Orimetric with unique aesthetic and functional properties.  Since securing private seed funding in early 2014, Orimetric ( for more info) has been under development for commercial applications and is currently patent pending.